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Current Offers

Current Offers

Summer Days are still a slightly distant dream but we're not deterred and so we've started our Summer Sale, no Coupon code is required and you'll see a Green ellipse which says On Offer - those items will give you a 50% discount on the displayed price when added to the shopping cart - these items are only available while stock lasts! Offer ends 10th May 2024.

Our for fun voucher is currently active. That voucher is triggered by entering RANDOM12 as the voucher. RANDOM12 is made up of 12 products, selected from being in stock at the time the code was generated together with a 12% discount which stacks with our other discounts. To find out what products are in the offer at any time you can click on RANDOM12 here or enter into the search bar and it will list them. The products affected by this voucher will be swapped round pretty regularly we hope you'll soon find something of interest to you.
Please check back here or on our Facebook page for details.

Other Websites

First up, Board Game Gals and Guys Basement is selling our clearance and end of line items at cheaper prices than we have been selling them here. Why not pop over and take a look?

Second, Board Game Specials is selling a very limited range of more exclusive items that won't be listed here and for which we may be the only UK and possibly European stockist, these items are only ever available in pretty limited numbers.

Lastly, kidULT is a replica of the GamesLore website albeit in different colours and with a rougher design. This website will continue following the replacement of the GamesLore website with a far more modern design and structure.